Wondering how to extend UAE visit visa without exit?

If you are in UAE and want to renew your visit visa or tourist visa to relish the charms of this country, this is all you need to know.
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Extend uae visit visa without exit
dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry
dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry
dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry
UAE is a mesmerizing travel destination with such amazing cities. The cultural and traditional values there are inspiring and so heart-filling. The innovative facilities and well-built infrastructure is something you won’t see in a developing country. While the people living in GCC nationals can enjoy their visits without a visa, but moreover every other person coming from different countries need a visa to travel here. People of other nationalities need to go through the procedure of getting a visa. They need to make sure they provide the right documents to get approval from the immigrant authority. Also, the validity of your passport matters too. People already in the UAE can extend UAE visit visa without exit.

Such an extension is an excellent option for people who are still exploring and are not complete with their trip. Now, they can have the option of 30 days visit visa extension or 90 days visit visa extension that solely depends on their journey. This extension rule allows you to stay in UAE after the expiry of your visa. So, by submitting the required documents to extend your visa, you can renew your visa without exiting.

Extend uae visit visa without exit

The extension rule is so beneficial for those who are here on an employment visa, as the job seekers can now have more time to find a job that suits their persona. Every year, many people travel to Dubai seeking for employment. Not everybody is lucky enough to get the desired job in the limit of their visa validity. But, with the help of this facility, they can have the UAE visit visa extension without exit.

Also, the people travelling to Dubai as tourists, to enjoy the excellent infrastructure in terms of museums or other traditional places can extend their visa. They can have the benefit of Dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry.


What is the procedure to extend UAE visit visa without exit?
The procedural requirement of documents is the same for the extension as it was for applying for the first time.

While you are staying in the UAE and you need to extend your stay, you can contact us. Please provide us with the documents by E-mail or WhatsApp, whatever suits you.

Documents required:

  • Scanned copy of First page of the passport.
  • Scanned copy of Last page of the passport.
  • Your passport size photo.

The procedure:

  • Send the documents through mail or WhatsApp.
  • After checking them, we will apply to the immigration authority.
  • Your application would be in process and after sometime, you will get the approval.

The fee to extend UAE visit visa without exit depends on the nationality of people. Irrespective of your current visa, you can get 30 days visit visa extension or a 90 days visit visa extension. Immigrant authority grants such approval of the extension.

Exempted from the rule of UAE visit visa extension without exit

Extension procedure is all easy and simple, but there are some exceptions to the law. Your Dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry might not get approval. These exceptions are not only limited to Dubai tourist visa but also to visit visa.

  • Expats coming from GCC countries are not eligible for an extension.
  • Citizens accompanying GCC Nationals on their visit such as servants, etc. are not eligible to extend their visa.
  • People who visit for 96 hours on a special entry visa or special mission entry visa are not eligible in extension rule.

There have been a lot of queries regarding the extension law. Yes, you can extend both tourist visa and visit visa. No, the process isn’t time-consuming. You can extend UAE visit visa without exit in a short time. Make sure your passport validity supports such an extension. Passport validity must be more than six months to extend the visa. Also, the documents required are not too typical. You can stay in the UAE while the extension procedure enacts. If you are in Dubai as a tourist, then you can have the advantage of spending more days there. The extension law is simple and less demanding. All the process of staying at the airport while the visa extends is in the past. Now, you can have your Dubai tourist visa renewal after expiry and enjoy the charming sites of Dubai.

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