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30 days visit Visa UAE

UAE has become an all-time favorite destination for many people, especially those who are explorers. This country has so much to offer; whether you are a fan of ancient destinations or trying to reach the maximum heights, UAE has it all. If you are an explorer and looking for a short-period of wilderness, then 30 days tourist Visa UAE is perfect for you. In just 30 days, you can visit quality places like The Hajar Mountains, museums, and mosques. These are the best places if you are visiting UAE for the first time and you want to see the actual beauty of this country. Multiple entry is also provided by us which means if you have a multiple entry Visa UAE, you can visit the country multiple times in the period of your validity of the Visa. It is a 30 days multiple entry Visa UAE with a 1-month extension if you want so that you can enjoy almost everything that this country has to offer.

For whom 30 days visit Visa UAE is necessary?

Visa is a mandatory requirement for visiting UAE if you are not eligible for Visa-free entry or arrival. If you are a tourist and are from any country in the world then you need UAE Visa. Getting a 30 days tourist Visa is the right option if you just want to visit for the short-term in UAE. Also, if your child is a female and below 18 years, then you need to accompany her otherwise she is not eligible for Visa.

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How one does applies for 30 days visit Visa UAE?

Applying for Visa has become an easy task due to the presence of online Visa services. There is various tourist-based flights that will sponsor your Visa and some hotels or travel agents that sponsor your Visa when reaching the UAE. With us, you just have to provide us the type of your Visa that is 30 days tourist Visa or 30 days UAE Visa, and then you have provided your details and submit the required documents. With the details, you need to provide the details of a guarantor because it is necessary when you apply for 30 days tourist Visa UAE. Once the documents have been submitted, your online form will be generated and that will be sent to the immigration department.
You will be notified about the approval/ rejection of your Visa through the registered email ID. All the UAE Visa information is provided in the respective sections so that you don’t have any problem.

30 days multiple entry visa uae

Frequently Asked Questions

When to submit the details of the guarantor?

You have to provide the details of the guarantor after you have provided your details.

What is the meaning of multiple in 30 days multiple entry visa UAE?

Multiple entry Visa UAE allows you to travel the country multiple times in that particular period.

If my passport is only valid for 3 months can I still apply for 30 days tourist Visa?

The answer is no. The validity of your passport must be of 6 months to apply for 30 days Visa because this has been specified by the authorities there as they have their own rules and regulations which cannot be questioned.

How to check UAE Visa status online?

After applying for the Visa, in some days you will be notified about its rejection or approval because we send your documents to the immigration department and it’s up to them to approve or reject your Visa. In either case, you will receive an email about such a situation on the registered email ID.

What is UAE visit visa fees for 30 days?

The fees are nationality-specific. It varies from AED 290 TO AED 1000 and it depends on the country. Furthermore, for all the urgent application the fee is normal fare plus 50 AED.

I applied for 30 days tourist Visa UAE, but it got rejected. How can I know the reason?
Our apologies. But the UAE authorities do not provide any reason for rejecting your Visa application. From next time, make sure that your documents are correct and are valid. Also, you can reach out to your travel agent and ask for the factors that might have caused such rejection.

Can I get a UAE residency visa? What is the procedure?

We do not provide a residency Visa. There are two categories for which you can apply the tourist Visa and UAE Visa. Both of these are available in 30 days and 90 days.

What is the procedure for UAE Visa for Indians for 30 days?

The procedure is simple and the same that is for every other nationality. The fees, however, differ for India and they are if your birthplace is Kerala AED 290, (no need cash guarantee) and if your birthplace is other than Kerala AED 300 Cash guarantee AED1000.